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為什麼不開通 beta頻道更新呢,是怕大家不知道更新了些什麼嗎?要一直重新下載也是有點小麻煩。這次又更新了一些小東西囉。

說在前面,目前的 Beta版本還不適合作為日常使用,可能還有一些問題需要修正!

下載:Maxthon Browser V6.0.0.2400


+Added shortcuts customization(新增自訂捷徑)
+Improved the guest window (Passkeeper, Maxnote and Quick access are not available for the guest window)(改善訪客視窗,密碼大師、傲遊筆記、快速造訪等將不可在訪客視窗使用)
+Built-in pages (Settings, New tab page) will not be added to favorites(內建頁面,設定及新標籤等將無法加入至書籤)
+Improved the logic of the retro mode auto-switch(改善自動切換相容模式)
+Improved Vbox(改善Vbox)
+Updated the content for verification email(更新驗證郵件內容)
+Added the online Passkeeper for Maxthon 6 to新增 Maxthon 6 線上密碼大師至
*Fixed crashes
*Fixed the issue that Vbox could not display in English
*Fix the issue that the button for popping-up video window could not be closed
*Fixed the issue that the auto-saved passwords could not sync automatically
*Fixed the issue that the extension Night Mode could not be removed

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